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Sustained Warmth of Desire

Posted onApril 7, 2016 | by: Kimberly Lancaster | 0 comments

I read something that St. Augustine composed those many years ago. He wrote " spend a long time in prayer isn't, as some think, the same thing as praying 'with much speaking.' Multiplied words are one thing, but the sustained warmth of desire is prolong prayer is to have our hearts throb with continual pious emotions toward the One we pray to. In most cases, prayer consists more of groaning than of speaking, of tears rather than words. He sees our tears. Our groaning isn't hidden from Him. For He made everything by a word and doesn't need human words." The "praying with much speaking" St. Augustine referred to reminds us of Jesus Christ's cautions about babbling on in prayers as though doing so ensures attention (Matthew 6:7). I have heard some distinctive prayers in my lifetime. Sophisticated prayers. Eloquent prayers. And none of them uttered from my own lips. However, I have laid that aforementioned sustained warmth of desire at the foot of Jesus Christ's cross. I have groaned rather than spoken. And I have shed tears rather than utter words. I was struck the other day when I read that part about groaning and shedding tears because when that occurs, it is, for me, an inexplicable communion with my Lord. It is an intimate surrender to His will. It is a fervent ridding-myself-of-me and filling-myself-with-Him. Friend, Jesus Christ so much desires to know us and be known by us. And as He is omniscient, He understands us when we simply weep. Groan. Shudder. In awe of Him and His power, love, forgiveness, might, redemption, and grace. There is not a single person I love more than my God, my Rock, and my Redeemer. And if I am only capable of demonstrating that reverence for Him through groaning and the shedding of tears, then so shall it be. Because I crave sustained warmth of desire for Him, the only worthy and righteous One. Kimberly Lancaster April 6, 2016 ...Keep Reading